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AMC of Computers
(Desktop’s & Laptop’s)

We also undertake Annual maintenance contract for your computers (Desktops & Laptops). We are attached with different companies and our performance has been so far very good. We have been maintaining the hardware of big corporate, small organizations and government undertaking. We have blended our qualitative service with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge. We are effectively exploring the latest hardware available in the market to provide Computer AMC Services for the betterment of the life of your Computers. We can assemble the whole systems according to the configuration you give us.

Services covered under the A.M.C

I. Services to be provided within 24 Hrs on demand

A. Providing Computer Services.
  • Installation of Linux, Windows (98, XP, VISTA)* Provided by Client.
  • Driver installation of Mother Board. * Provided by Client.
  • Driver installation of Peripherals (Printer, Scanner, Digital camera Etc.). * Provided by Client.
  • Required Software installation* provided by Client.
  • Software Up gradations.
  • Configuring Application with OS.
  • Utility Software installation like:
  • Antivirus, Antispam, Adware remover and Malware remover.
  • Stringer for removing Trojans.
  • Disc space saving utilities.
  • Download accelerator.
  • Net Accelerator.

B. Providing backup solutions.

  • System Backup
  • Data backup.

II. Quarterly Servicing of Computer's Hardware including:

    • Current system Information to Customer.
    • Operating system optimization.
    • Disk Tools.(scan disk, de-fragmentation )
    • Performance enhancement through:
    • Hidden settings (Registry, System configuration).
    • Setting cache and virtual memory.
    • System checkup.
    • Removal of Viruses, Trojan, Spyware, Adware and Malware.
    • Disk performance.
    • System Backup.
    • Disk cleanup.
    • Operating system patches and updates.
    • Removing unwanted software and tools.
    • Antivirus loading.
    • Software Firewall loading.

Services Description
oftware Setup & Support
  • Software loading and tuning up for full harmony with the system.
  • Codecs, drivers are available with us for all setups.
  • Tuning up for better speed.
Software Trouble shooting
    • Windows Password Recovery and resolution of conflict with hardware or software.
Hardware Troubleshooting
  • I/O errors, memory access errors.
  • Tuning hardware avoiding conflicts for optimal performance.
  • Virus, Trojan Detection, Removal and Prevention.
  • Effective detection and removal of Virus, Bugs, and Trojans.... a must from security point of view.
Services On Request*
  • Laptops, Notebooks, Scanners, IP Cameras, Network Printer, LAN cards, Modem ISDN, ADSL, Routers, Switches, Hubs.
  • We undertake configuring networks, manual configuring TCP/IP in Class A,B & C. Setting up proxy, Internet connection sharing, printer sharing, setting up routers, hubs, switches etc.
Network Administration
  • Setting up Admin rights, Guest rights, and Custom rights on system in a network.
  • Setting up proxy servers with or without password protection.
  • Setting up access passwords to programs and hardware.
Building Custom computers
    • As per the client's requirement and economy.
Computer Up gradation

Regular Cleaning & Tune-Up

Server Installation/Repair
    • We build custom servers depending upon the numbers of computers & work load on a LAN.

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